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Horror - Travel - Comedy - Interactive

Special Project - Not Rated - 2023

Over a decade has passed since Mary and Leo Rawlins stumbled upon the town of Howling Hollow in "Forest of Fear," and with Mary's infamous travel guide to the town, this Southern monster haven has turned into the talk of the country! Tourists are now flocking into the town of Howling Hollow, and these rednecks and monsters are ready to greet the travelers and swindle them out of their money! But the hosts of the legendary TV show "Ghost Files, U.S.A." believe that trouble is afoot, so you've been invited to explore the town and report back to them on everything that you've uncovered. As you unravel the mystery of Howling Hollow, you'll go for a spin on some hair-raising rides, eat some home-cooked meals, buy a weird trinket or two, and encounter the town's more-than-eccentric residents! As you unpack this story through this art project, you'll also hear from creator Andrew Bermudez about his thought process about turning this town into a theme park land! Get ready for a one-of-a-kind thrilling, chilling, and amazing first-ever special project! Get read for this


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