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Science Fiction - Action - Adventure - Drama - War

Not Yet Released

Project U officially ends with this colossal cross-over event that will bring the entire Mustache Maniacs Film Co. Cinematic Universe together on-screen! When Ogel enlists the help of Baron Typhonus, Lord Sam Sinister, The Brickster, Questions, and other villains to help him conquer the world, Alpha Team retaliates by calling in help from those who best know these villains. But Ogel's plan to open a gateway to another dimension is catastrophic, fusing the two together! There seems to be no way to fix it...or is there? Making an entrance, Ulysses S. Powell has a plan that is sure to work: take Dr. Cyber's time machine back to before the fusion and stop it from happening. The only hitch is that the time machine was split into parts that are scattered around the world. Time is not on their side, and someone doesn't want them to succeed. If these legends of the universe don't work together, the two dimensions could remain fused forever!



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