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As a VFX Artist, you would be responsible for:

  • Creating visual effects for film productions currently in post-production

  • Following design directions from the film's director to ensure that the proper artistic statement is conveyed

  • Designing CGI elements for use in film productions

  • Translating artistic visions from illustrations and concept art into final visual effects and designs

  • Creating CGI visuals for use around our Online network

Airmail Notecard

To become a VFX Artist, we simply request that you:

  • Show strong and proficient visual effects and CGI skills

  • Have completed at least 1 year's worth of computer film graphics experience (any combination of coursework, personal work, and professional work will be accepted)

  • Have software capable of performing any of the needed tasks

  • Are able to deliver in a timely manner

  • Are able to maintain secrecy regarding confidential material and sign a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)

  • Are able to follow directions from a production lead to remain consistent with a stated vision

  • Submit a summary of your past experience, as well as a link to your work

Airmail Notecard

What is a Mustache Maniacs Film Co. production like?

Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s film productions can be unique because, while we have created several films that utilize few to no effects, several of them also require extensive special effects. It would be up to the VFX artist to not only create the needed effects, but also to polish up the film overall. This would include compositing, adjusting lighting, and more.

Why do I have to sign a NDA?


As a VFX Artist, you would be seeing our in-progress projects weeks or months before they're actually released. Therefore, you would technically be watching the entire production as part of your role, albeit in an incomplete state. Because of this, you would be entirely aware of everything that happens in the production, including any spoilers. By signing the NDA, you agree to not disclose this information on our official wiki or anywhere else.

What if I am unsure on where a special effect is needed? Should I contact the director?

If you have any questions regarding the project that you are working on, the director should be the first person that you contact. If the director does not respond in a timely manner, contact Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s leaders for further assistance.

I found a really good effect on the internet. Should I use it?

Putting asides the needs of the production, if you find, say, stock footage that would work well for a production, make sure to take a few things into consideration. We don't pirate anything these days, so make sure that the effect in question is either purchased by you or covered under creative commons.

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