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Nexus Force Character Creation Sweepstakes

In the late MMORPG LEGO Universe, players created their own unique character as their own in-game avatar. In tribute to this, we challenged the fans to create their own character and cast them into one of the game's four Nexus Force factions. Twenty finalists will have their character featured in Legends of the Universe, while the grand prize winner will also play the part of their character in the said film! (Concluded)


Sairento Hato (Marcus Hutchinson)

Movie Releases

The following films were released as part of "Project U"



Science Fiction - Adventure - Action - Mystery

Promotion - Not Rated - 2014

Join us for an epic, multi-film, journey that will span multiple years and genres, telling one major story line in the process! It'll be the experience of a lifetime! Project U is a comprehensive, multi-year animation project that will not only create an intricate narrative based on the massively multi-player online game LEGO Universe, but will also feature state of the art and theatrical special effects and animation, along with a multi-faceted and deep story line. It will feature both characters from memorable LEGO themes and original Mustache Maniacs Film Co. characters. In addition, the fans are given a chance to contribute to the official canon through contests and collaborations.

The Quest for Canonization

Did you ever dream about having your fan fiction become an official part of the source's universe? With The Quest for Canonization, you'll be able to enter your very own story, with the chance that it will become an official part of the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. cinematic universe! (Concluded)


A Greater Cost (TLFScarheart)

Murder in the Karoo (Marcus Hutchinson)

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