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As an Editor, you would be responsible for:

  • Editing Mustache Maniacs Film Co.'s productions once production has wrapped

  • Communicating with the director and story team to ensure that the story is being properly told

  • Adding color grading and other corrections to projects, as well as timing any animation

  • Creating and adding titles, credits, motion graphics, and sound effects

  • Designing the sound effects to best tell the story and tell about the world of the film to the audience

  • Working with the composer to add the film's soundtrack

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To become an Editor, we simply request that you:

  • Show strong and proficient editing skills

  • Have completed at least 1 year's worth of editing experience (any combination of coursework, personal work, and professional work will be accepted)

  • Are able to edit in a timely manner and to the specifications outlined by the director

  • Are able to maintain secrecy regarding confidential material and sign a NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)

  • Have editing software capable of handling a variety of requests

  • Submit a summary of your past experience, as well as a link to your work

Airmail Notecard

What is editing for Mustache Maniacs Film Co. like?

You would be editing films in generally the same way that you would edit films for other productions. With that said, since this would be done remotely, open dialogue with the rest of the film's crew would be done through e-mail, which is essential for keeping to the director's original vision.

Why do I have to sign a NDA?

As the editor, you would have unrestricted access to the script for the film that you're working on. While this will ensure that you're able to edit the film to how it is presented in the script, you will also know what happens in the film, including any spoilers. By signing the NDA, you agree to not disclose this information on our official wiki or anywhere else.

What if I need to discuss something with the director, but he/she is not answering my messages?

Please be patient, as the director may be currently unable to see and respond to your messages. However, if this persists, feel free to contact another member of the team you're on and see if they can get through to the director. It's all about communication.

How do I get certain assets that will be needed across multiple projects (such as official logos)?

All incoming editors will be greeted with a Google Drive "package" of assets that are used across multiple projects, along with instructions on how they are to be properly used. If special promotions, anniversaries, or project-specific variations for logos are created, they will be sent in their own "packages" with special instructions for proper use.