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Challenge 1 - Make a one-joke film.

Challenge tests simple animation and short story-telling skills by challenging the participants to make a one-joke film. Challenge also tests joke delivery skills. (Concluded)



The Parasite Slip-Up (Pushover Productions)

Frantic Antics (Marcus Hutchinson)

The Lightning-Fast Pun! (LegoHubTV)

Challenge 3 - Animate a fight sequence.

Challenge tests set construction and cinematography skills, along with intermediate character animation and use of props as participants make a fight sequence, with a set-up of their choice. Violence levels will not factor into final score. The animation must be followed up with a behind the scenes look at how the animation was achieved. (Concluded)



The Deadly Mission Behind the Scenes (Pushover Productions)

The Deadly Mission (Pushover Productions)

LEGO Wild West with Behind the Scenes (Marcus Hutchinson)

Challenge 4 - Create an entire animated short film.

Challenge tests advanced story-telling skills, along with all other skills learned from the other challenges by having participants make a short film telling a whole story with beginning, middle, and end. The winner of this last challenge is cast as Sunglasses Tourist in Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients, receives the Sunglasses Tourist minifigure, and receives a DVD copy of the film. (Concluded)





Behind the Scenes - Comedy - Action

Promotion - Not Rated - 2013

After finishing Late for the Soccer Match, Seth Masterson is left at the studio while almost everyone else is working on Johnny Thunder and the Wisdom of the Ancients. Completely bored, he has decided to have some fun. Insisting that the best way to improve is to get practice, he wants to see how the Mustache Maniacs Film Co. fan base would do at a series of challenges. Each month, he gives a challenge, which must be completed by the end of the said month. In the meantime, he will be looking for our old LEGO Studios movies from 2002 – 2004.


Seth Masterson is Bored

The Power Goes Out

Seth Masterson is in Trouble

Random Stuff Blows Up

An Old, Old Film

Some Guy in a Lizard Suit

Challenge 2 - Animate an animal and have it interact with a character.

Challenge tests intermediate animation skills, character development and interaction through use of the 12 principles of animation, and animating non-human forms by making participants animate an animal character along with another character. Participants must understand their character's behavior and have the characters interact; no interaction results in point deduction. (Concluded)



A Hunter and his Dog (Pushover Productions)

Alex and the Lion (Marcus Hutchinson)

A Delicious Example of Human-Animal Interaction (LegoHubTV)

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